About #SKIN

#SKIN – The skin care line for acne!

Do you suffer from breakouts? Are you tired of browsing through millions of products out there and not finding what works for you? Are you one of the people who tried everything and still gets zits? Well, you are at the right place. Read on to find more about acne and how to manage it successfully. Pick the type of products that work best for your type of skin and let’s get your face clear. 

Acne skin that is dry or sensitive:

Acne Kit A – Step 1

Acne Kit A – Step 2

Acne Skin that is normal or oily:

Acne Kit B – Step 1

Acne Kit B – Step 2

Whatever type your skin is, you should always start with Step 1 and then proceed on to Step 2 to avoid irritation and dryness. Your kit will arrive with detailed instructions on how to use your products and tips on how to take care of acne prone skin.