Cleansing your face is a basic, yet very important part of your skin regimen. After talking to hundreds of people over the last few years about their skin regimens, it has come to my attention that a lot of times the cleansing step is done improperly, rushed through or skipped all together.

You MUST wash your face at night. People with oily, acne prone skin should also wash in the morning. If your skin is normal or dry, you can only rinse in the morning. When applied on dirty skin, even the most potent serums and creams are ineffective.

So here is how to cleanse your skin correctly:

1. Splash your face , neck and décolleté with luke warm water 3 times.

2. Apply cleanser and gently massage with circular motions for 1-2 mins.

3. Starting with the eye area, rinse thoroughly and pat dry.

Now your skin is ready to be toned and you can apply serums and moisturizers after.

Facial wipes can be used before cleansing if you are using heavy make up, but they are not enough on their own. Cleansing with wipes only is like wiping a dirty dish without washing it with soap and water and then serving food in it. Yikes!

Hope this is helpful and it improves your daily skin care!

Live beautifully!